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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  August 24, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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heriff said that the woman found is a missing woman living near the neighborhood, her home is next to the trail that is leading to the crime scene and 52-year-old cornelia arnold was found dead, her body burned alongside a shed in a remote wooded area near her home. several people called 9 heaven reporting the fire near leesburg. the shed is a mile from the road and arnold's home. investigators -- searched the house and are not saying what, if anything they found, about 40 minutes before the fire. arnold's family called to ask how to report a missing person, but decided not to file a report. at this point, the sheriff said he's not ruling out anyone as a suspect. >> that'lling -- they'll be talking to the family and see if they can pointous in any directions and the family we'll talk to and -- the neighbors,
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coworkers and friends, anything we can think of to talk to and that might be able to shed light on this. >> reporter: at this point, the police are investigate -- investigators are still waiting for an official cause of death. an autopsy is being performed and investigators don't know whether arnold was killed and brought to that shed or whether she was killed there. the sheriff said it's likely the person who killed her, though, knew the area well because it was in such a remote area that you had to be someone who lied in the neighborhood or frequented the area to know how to get there. >> i'm curious. do police have any idea how long she was missing? did they point that out? >> reporter: the sheriff said it's unclear whether the woman was missing for a few hours prior to her family's call to leesburg police or whether it was a few days. they're in the process of introducing the family --
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interviewing the family to see what they know and when arnold went missing. >> working to get more information, sherri ly reporting live. thank you. we're learning more about the man arrested for shooting an offduty police officer at a home depot in northeast yesterday. his name is george ball and investigators say when the officer approached him about reported fraud activity, he tried to get his gun and shot him in the arm and is accused of biting the officer several times. a violent attack in a quiet d.c. neighborhood is prompting calls for action. the student was killed and shot over the weekend. delegate eleanor holmes norton walked through the area today to make residents feel safe again. karen gray houston is live in northwest with more. >> reporter: this is sherman circle by day, between illinois avenue and kansas avenue and look here. looks pretty safe and people come here to walk their dogs,
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they roll their kids through on strollers but the murder of the man has neighbors and city officials on edge and just last night, members of the community came here for a prayer vigil and a moment of silence in honor of the boy who was shot to death as he rode his bike through the circle and today, d.c. council woman bowser summonned other local officials to talk about what can be done to make this area safer. there was a park service and d.c. police and community activists and a lot of discussion about increasing the lighting in sherman circle at night and v dot director suggested solar lighting might be a good idea and there was talk of a followup meeting with the park service. >> i regarded it as a very quick fix that what is going to keep it from being quick
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residents feel this area is not as lit as it should be after sunset. light is a deterrent for most criminal activity. >> i have mixed feelings, you know, my mom loves the park and i don't know if the lighting will bother her or not, but i think that. >> a tendency to address the symptoms and not really the real cause. >> reporter: obviously light won't bring him back and lighting is not the only answer. police are working feverishly to try to solve the crime. they don't have much to go on and they're handing out the flyers and there is a $25000 reward for information leading to an arrest. live in northwest, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. back to you, laura. >> are you getting a sense from
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the people in that area they're satisfied with the response they're getting from the city officials and their debt gal? >> reporter: i think they're frustrated what happened on send night and there avis community activist out here who said he sees drug dealings going on. he was frustrated and talked about a meeting. they want to see action fast. >> a lot of work right now and so far no action and we know you will stay on top of that. police are still looking for a man who raped an elderly woman inside her home in germantown. the 86-year-old lives in an independent living facility on father hurly boulevard and police say the man got in through an unlocked windo at 4 in the morning and they're looking at the possibility that the same man attacked a 68-year- old woman in june. an unexpected delay for commuters this morning. power problems disrupted service on market amtrak
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trains. amtrak reports of voltage problems stopped service around sun30:00 this morning between d.c. and new york. by 9:00 a.m., the problem was fixed and the trains were moving again. the ride to school came to an end when this bus caught fire in southeast and the students, the driver and aid made it off the bus before firefighters arrived and this is what is left of the bus now and caught fire on langston place around this morning. fortunately, no one was hurt. dozens of families in alexandria have their water back on again. the crews repaired a broken main there. the six-inch broke on burgundy road this morning and people nearby were affected. the repairs to the pipes and main were finished by noon. big news coming out of redskins park as the team prepares for friday's preseason game against the jets and one of their key players will be forced to watch along the side lines. >> reporter: the redskins quarterback will miss friday's game against the jets because of a sprained left ankle and
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mcnabb has been unable to practice since the loss to the baltimore ravens. he didn't practice for the second consecutive day and yesterday, his ankle was sore and wore a walking boot in the morning and a cast in the afternoon. mcnabb didn't speak today and is scheduled to talk tomorrow and head coach mike shanahan, what do you have? >> there is nothing you can do about it. it's quite sore and i don't think that he could go for his regular-season game. he has to rehab it and get it better, hopefully. >> and one redskin who will play is willie parker. he had to watch while portis and johnson started. he's won so far and will get the touch friday against the jets. the two-time super bowl champ embraces the underdog role. >> and i am just ready, man. no matter how you look at it i
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am ready. everything i hear, willie parker is like, like in the back and he's this and that and what you don't know, that motivates me and i have been in situations before and come out on top. i don't know if i will come up on top here, but i'm ready for a fight and i'm ready for any and every challenge in my way. >> the nationals officially placed strasburg on the 15-day disabled list, retro active to august 22nd with the light foe arm flexor strength and is expected to undergo a second mri this week. >> and is there any indication when he might be able to pitch again? >> he's going get the second mri and the results of this will determine whether they shut him down for the season or pipe again. if okay, he can pipe again in a week. -- pitch again in a week. if bad news, he will be shut down for the season, 5 and 3 right now, 2.1 e.r.a. and 92 strikeouts, check that in 68 innings and played well
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for them. they may have to shut him down for the season. we'll see. >> thank you for the update. >> okay. a judge signed roger clemons' perjury case to keep quiet. the judge issued a gag order telling both sides not to talk to the media and is concerned about an impartial jury. clemons is accused of lying to congress about using steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. developing now, hundreds of people sick, a half billion eggs recalled. investigators are struggling to pinpoint the source of a nationwide salmonella scare. and the suicide rate among our service men and women is on the rise at alarming rates. the milliary is taking this problem head on. what is being done to help the troops get the help they need next. coming up at 5:30, an out- of-control car like no other here. how this one ends. you have to see this video. we'll be right back after we talk to sue. sue. and i have some amazing news in the weather department, too. how do you like the temperatures today? it's the coolest day we have had since may 23rd and you can
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thank all of those clouds out there. are there any raindrops? we'll have a look at the forecast. stay with us. >> thanks, sue. keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 is getting started.
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>> the drawdown of u.s. troops in iraq continues, less than 50,000 american troops remain in the country. it's the lowest number since the u.s.-led invasion in 2003.
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the u.s. military is shifting to an advice and assist role, the number of u.s. troops will continue to decline throughout 2011 ending that december. the military needs to do a much-better job of keeping the members from taking their own lives. that is the word from a congressional task force created in response to an alarming ride and suicides among u.s. service members who served in iraq and afghanistan. and fox 5s tom fitzgerald has more on this. >> reporter: multiple deployments and the stress war were cited as important factors. the panel said the problems and solutions concerning suicide in the military are more complicated and that report has more than 76 recommendations designed to improve suicide prevention in the military. in the five years between 2006 and 2009, more than 1,100 members of the armed services took their own lives and that translates into one suicide every 36 hours and experts say
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more work needs to be done to educate commanders on the ground to encourage troops who may need mental hep therapy to seek it out and receive treatment. >> and there clearly also is an occasional leader that has a negative command climate that adds to the stigma and/or will prevent an individual from getting help. >> reporter: the pentagon was also mentioned for not creating one overriding suicide prevention program among all the services and branches. increased rates were identified several years ago and each developed its own program. defense secretary robert gates has 90 days for the report. >> was this about programs while there is still -- they're still serving or about post service program for them? >> a combination for both and what they found is that this generation is no more susceptible than previous
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veterans, saying advances in medical therapy like physical have given them a better understanding of what goes in to suicide causes and concerns and they're hoping this report will be taken forward and given a level of the pentagon to create an overall program, but programs in the field of battle to spot problems before they occur. >> thank you for the update, tom. a fox 5 consumer alert. the physician's committee for responsible medicines is out with the top worst five kids meals. mcdonald's tops the less. -- list. the kids meal has 840 calories, 37 grams of fat and wendy's at number two with the chicken sandwich, fries and chocolate frosty and that packs 7est is calories and 34 grams of fat. kfc and a&w and burger king rounding out the top 5. you can see the details on and click on web links. an investigation is underway at two iowa farms
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linked to the recall of a half billion eggs. officials are working to track down how they became contaminated. mike tobin has more [ no audio >> clearly, we're having problems with the audio and we'll try to get back to the story. the 550 million eggs recalled represent about 1% of the 80 billion eggs sold each year. >> now to a developing story in chile. the minor -- miners trapped are preparing for the long way to be rescued. they have been trapped for 18 days and that could take four pictures -- months to get them out. they surviving on whatever food they can get down a six-inch
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wide hole. the miners are sending out notes in the same capsules delivering their food. >> you know, it was not an incredibly sunny day but i love it. >> the temperatures were great. >> and you don't need the sun. had 90, 100 degrees days. >> yeah. >> and the day was wonderful. >> you have to go to june 9thto the find a day in the 70s and back to may 23rd to find a day as cool as today. you can thank the clouds. it was a welcome break and a bit of a late september preview and that is cloudy out there but not wet. most of the showers pretty hit o'miss in our area and that is where our fox 5 is and had three to four inches of rain
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and flash flooding. we have a northeast wind and putting up the wind direction there and you can see them light out of the north- northeast and that is tending to keep us socked in and will do so with the isolated threat of a shower and check out what it's done for the temperatures. harrisonburg, rain-cooled for sure and clouds at 68 degrees. fredericksburg, the typical hotspot at 74 and ocean city, 70 degrees and not a great day for the beaches and in d.c., we're one of the warmer places at 75 degrees and this is not the correct planner and won't be 80 and that is in the 70s with lots of clouds and goth the 60s. i want to show you the overnight lows, this is correct, 62 degrees and 63 for monasses and frederick and if you think that is cool, laura and subpoena, i have 50s in the five-day forecast and tacking
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about the tropics. hurricane danielle with the 5:00 update is a tropical storm and we think that is temporary. >> we'll see you then. showing off the post- katrina progress in new orleans, daily bus tours by the bus authority shows how millions has been invested in 50,000 housing units five years after hurricane katrina devastated that region and that shows thousands of other properties with little or no progress. federal money and non-profit groups are financing the bus tours and. the group revealed a sign yesterday. the plaque explains what happened when a two blocklong portion of the levee broke. the group is trying to make more people aware of what can happen when the levees fail. >> 55% of the american population live in counties protected by levees, don't you think they deserve to know what
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happened here? >> hopes to put more plaques around new orleans. competition ends with local school school districts earning major money. >> talking about hundreds of millions up for grabs. who gets what? don't miss the breakdown at 530time. and chances are that someone you love has been affected. tonight, new hope for alzheimer patients. could a drug already on the market help treat the disease. we have the story next.
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>> a new study suggests that adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder could benefit from therapy coupled with medication. many of the patients struggle with difficulties at work and in relationships. the condition is mainly treated with drugs and new research shows that cognitive behavioral therapy could help. it helps give patients skills to cope with daily tasks. the journal of the american medical association released
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the video and is publishing that study in this week's educationdition. new developments in alzheimer's research. the doctors believe a drug approved by the fda may help patients with the disease and here's more on what is making researchers hopeful about this treatment. >> reporter: this is where the latest breakthrough began, a working research lab at the u.s. alzheimer institute. today, the doctor said some of the research might be paying off. >> this is exciting. we have seldom seen a positive result in the mice. >> reporter: that looks like this, the white shots -- spots you see this microscopic view of a mouse's brain are a sticky protein thought to cause memory loss. the researcher injected the left side of the mouse's brain with a drug. >> and in seven days, we removed half of the plaque side of the brain versus this side. >> reporter: and treated more alzheimer mice, more plaque disappeared. when tested like this, they found their memories were equal
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to those of normal mice. >> almost never is there a magic bullet for a complex human disease like alzheimer's disease. this is a very optimistically- hopeful situation. >> reporter: hopeful because the drug used in the study is already fda approved. >> leukin or this gmcsf is a stimulator with few side effects and used for 20 years with cancer patients. >> reporter: it's the same thing found in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, boosting the kills in our bodies fighting infection. >> these are garbage collectors going around looking for things not belong there and what we think is happening, they're getting rid -- into the brain. if successful, it may lead to the development of even better drugs. i'm dr. joette jiovancho, fox news. will it be a case of clean
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housing? votes in five states hit the polls. a closer look at what could turn into a national shakeup just ahead. look at this. an out-of-control car caught on camera. if you think you know how this ends, guess again. we'll be right back.
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>> the head of montgomery county schools is calling quit quite it quits. dr. jerry weist announceed he will retire at the end of the school year. here's more on the decision to step down. >> reporter: as volunteers assembled school supply backpacks in anticipation of classes starting on monday in montgomery county, the system's superintendent came by to cheer on the efforts. >> hi, how are you. >> reporter: jerry weist headed
5:30 pm
montgomery county schools for many years and has told the board of education he's wearying of 16-hour days. >> i have grown tired of long and weary meetings. comes with 35 years. >> reporter: by most measures, his tenure has been a spectacular success, poured resources into the elementary schools in the lower port of the -- part of the county where the heavy immigration population resides and test scores have risen sharply there. at the high school level last week, the school district learned the graduating class of 2010 beat national and state averages on the act college entrance exam. education week said montgomery county, maryland, has the highest graduate realize in the country among big school districts. he has sometimes annoyed elected leaders with his relentless lobbying for education expenditures and this is a clip from a news conference in 2009. >> a budget is about getting
5:31 pm
that,y going through this valley without hammering those kids. i'll not sure we're going to be able to do it this time. >> reporter: the teacher's union liked him. >> what would you give him as a grade over 11 years to date? >> i sailed b plus, a miles an hour. i think he's been a good superintendent. >> reporter: jerry weist said after finishing this school year, he may take a sabbatical and look for other education- oriented work. >> i want to leave while i'm still hungry for education and our system is still thriving and growing. >> reporter: the school board in montgomery county will probably begin the search for his replacement early next year. >> montgomery county, by the way, has the largest school system in maryland with 142 students and the 16th largest in the u.s. and d.c. and maryland won big grants from the obama administration's program to encourage improvement in schools and each made the list of top-10 performing states. the district will receive $75
5:32 pm
million maryland, 250 million. to qualify, the states have to adopt -- to develop systems measure greet, recruit and obtain effective teachers and give them infects on improvements. voters in five states go to the polls today and a couple of the more closely watched races are in arizona and they're calling attention to the primary in alaska. throw in vermont and oklahoma, makes for a busy tuesday today. fox's craig bosswell has the story tonight. >> reporter: in florida's democratic primary, kendra meeks starting polling before dawn. >> i'm throg do what i have to do. >> reporter: he's a u.s. representative who faces jeff green. >> and i'm the only guy in this race that created jobs and understands the issues. >> reporter: the winner heads
5:33 pm
into a three-way senate race against marco rubio and governor charlie christ who is running as an independent n. arizona, john mccain poured $20 million into a campaign that appeared close early on but the four-time senator has a solid lead over j.d. hayworth who is a former congressman and conservative broadcaster. >> though so many in washington are gleeful and expectedly trying to right my political autopsy, the fact is that the votes haven't been cast or counted. >> reporter: in alaska, the battle to gain the republican senate nomination puts the incumbent against joe miller. and miller is backed by the former governor and leads in most polls. and just a handful of states have to wrap up primary elections ahead of november 's general election n. washington, craig bosswell, fox news. a former department of agriculture employee fired will not be returning to the agency.
5:34 pm
shirley sherrod stood next to tom vilsack today, accused of making racist remarks last month and turns out they were edited and take know out of context. she was offered a new job but said she was tempted to return but didn't think the timing was right. >> i look forward to some type of relationship with the department in the future. we need to work on the issues of discrimination and racism in this country, and i certainly would like to play my role and trying to help deal with it. >> she said she may return as a consultant in the future. the fda is pushing for more power now that a half billion eggs were recalled. as it is now, the fda can not order recalls. they have to request that
5:35 pm
companies volunteer to pull their food off the shelves. new egg safety rules went into effect in july forcing egg producers to do more testing and the fda believes that might dramatically reduce any future problems. and look at this. a car crash caught on camera by police. a teenage driver lost control of the car and went airborne slam into this underpass there and broke into three pieces. the 19-year-old driver, we understand s in critical and witnesses in sugar creek township believe he was driving at least 100 miles per hour and the southbound lanes were shut down six hours after the accident. the incredible part is when that flies in the air, it spins around and that back end hits the underpass there, one of the reasons why it saved his life. >> and that is incredible. >> we heard he was going more than 100 miles an hour and you can deduce that. >> yeah.
5:36 pm
>> oh, boy. >> and he is one lucky guy. and tiger woods is still single now. >> tmz is working this story the latest live from l.a. in 15 minutes. and imagine diving -- diving into the ocean for a record-setting swim and doing it in jelly fish-infested waters. not smooth sailing. we'll take you inside one man's quest to the finish line up next.
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ksgo t
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>> there is controversy in new york tonight over an edition to the city skyline. the owners of the empire state building are upset about a proposed hotel four blocks first landmark. it would stand 1200 feet tall. that is only 50 feet shorter than the empire state building. the owners say that threatens
5:40 pm
new york skyline. the city council plans to vote on the new building plan tomorrow. if you have ever been stung by a jelly fish, you know it's not pleasant. imagine being stung non-stop for four hours. that is what made 44-year-old bruckner chase stop swimming across the bay of california last year. now, he wants to dive in the water again and try it again. he'll try to become the second person to swim across the jelly fish-filled monterey bay and is swimming in the brutally-cold water without a wetsuit. >> knowing that that initial kind of fear and shock will pass and i can relax into it. >> hmm. some people just like challenges. chase is doing this, by the way n conjunction with the monterey bay aquarium's blue ocean festival. >> and you hear things like this and wonder what motivates people. you know -- . >> and that is a challenge. being able to say you did it. >> good luck. and we enjoyed this cooler
5:41 pm
start to the day. and many of you woke up to morning. >> i know. how good does that feel. sue's on deck with the full forecast next.
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>> new concerns about the $20 billion fund set up to help the victims of the disaster in the gulf. bp set up the recovery fund for the worst marine oil spill in u.s. history and now, the people affected complain that they're not getting the help they were promised. apesly air hart has more. >> reporter: it's a scramble to get a piece of the $20 billion pie set aside by bp to cover oil spill claims. and the point man spent months getting it from the communities and the policymakers along the gulf coast. >> tell people the truth. they have a valid claim, they have an invalid claim. they will be paid, they won't
5:45 pm
be paid. they are eligible, they are not eligible. >> reporter: some people got their checks and think the process is filled with broken promises. >> 5,000 for the this store. 5,000 two months ago and they promised more like they promised everybody. from bp to -- and say taken over and writing checks and that is unclear. >> reporter: the government set up a center to weed out fraudulent claims and five years later, the agency will investigate claims related to the oil spill. >> the place i'm hearing over and over again in the gulf is straight talk and to level with people so they know the rules. >> reporter: bp paid out to individuals and businesses. fineberg was tapped in june and has a steep duty ahead of him. >> i feel like the man wants to help us and we have to be
5:46 pm
realistic and understand there is not enough money to -- . >> and. >> reporter: fineberg came under fire including the possibility of giving up the right to sue bp. some lawmakers think the process is not user-friendly and are calling for a revamp of the rules. >> if you would like to help in the gulf, consider adopting these guys. their owner is a gulf fisherman who has been out of work and can no longer care for them. the pups are at the lost dog and rescue foundation in arlington. they're cute and that is a sad story. happens a lot with people. we saw it in katrina. >> yeah. >> and that is -- . >> and they can't afford to keep the animals. a lot of people don't realize what a long commitment it is to be a pet owner. i said are you prepared to have
5:47 pm
one for 15 or 20 years? >> are you prepared to take care of it? >> and -- talking about the weather, right? >> it was gorgeous. >> you mentioned 60s last night and cooler. >> wow? >> and that feels fantastic and not much met-in-the-way of showers and doing okay o. this cloudy night in d.c., we're hard pressed to find shouters and -- showers and keeping an isolated shower the next 12 hours or so and that is going to be more clouds than anything else and this is the coolest temperature we have had since may 23rd and the first day since june 9th and this is something. bwi 74 degrees and talked about the first line going back to
5:48 pm
may 23rd and one thing, the clouds will hang around through the night and break up during the day tomorrow and that is to the south and west and the end of the week is fantastic, 50s in the forecast for the nighttime lows and what you can see is a lot of clouds around here and that is an upper level low system and that is spinning and drifting around and we have had between 3 and five inches of rain and that is across the beaches and that is where it's staying. the current temperature, the high for the day and 75 degrees. gaithersburg, 70; annapolis and baltimore, 72 and the forecast tonight, cloudy and cool and we'll see an isolated shower,
5:49 pm
65 degrees and some of the coastal waters are running high and we have a coastal flood advisory out of the northeast and the fact that we have a full moon and some minor flooding possible. isolated showers if any tomorrow, warmer and up to known degrees and by afternoon, we'll start to see in breaks in the sun and not a lot. at 10:00, max hd future cast and showing not much around and take you to the morning rush hour, mostly clouds and the showers in the bay and through the afternoon, and that is possible with a few breaks, it being cook up one or twos lated showers and we're under the influence tomorrow and then it begins pulling out of town and we get back to the sunshine on thursday and wednesday, mostly -- and that is going to be cloudy. 70 degrees at 9 in the morning by noon and 78 and by 4:00, a break or two of sun and that is
5:50 pm
80 degrees. i want to give you the latest update on what is hurricane danielle is thunderstorm danielle and another headline that is coming into the picture behind it is a future depression and maybe even tropical storm earl. and the good news, it weakened and that was a hurricane with winds of 80, weakened to 70 and this is a temporary weakening and all the model guidance continues to have it turn to the north and to see. we hope it's going to miss bermuda and by sunday, could have winds of 110 and we'll see what happens and we'll watch this pull out and it will be a gradual process. a weak front is swinging on through on thursday and that is setting us up for what might be the nicest weekend of the summer and to 81 tomorrow and more sunshine on thursday and to 85.
5:51 pm
friday is looking terrific and wall-to-wall sunshine and this is a nice break. >> okay. >> and so far so good, we'll have some in september. >> okay. >> and no upper 90s. >> there you go. singer george michael is admitting to driving under the influence of drugs and marijuana possession. a judge is also warning him he could go to jail. this is the mob scene as mitchell arrived at a london court and cops busted him in july. the police found him slumped behind the wheel. the judge banned him from driving for six months and warned he could be sentenced to jail in september. and the talk of the town on tmz. an intruder arrested at paris hilton's home. and what happened? >> reporter: she woke up and looked outside and there was a guy getting out of her house
5:52 pm
and she called 911 and went to her twitter page and posted a picture in her backyard and she was scare -- in cuffs and the guy was taken into custody and has been booked on felony burglary and being held on $50,000 bail. >> and i know there was controversy after posting that on twitter. police later said that the guy didn't have any weapons v you heard anything about where that initial report of the weapons came from? >> i believe we had called out and talked to some people and that sounded like paris saying he had the knives and the initial report from the cops. >> i got you. >> and everyone -- >> and don't know if things changed since then. >> that is okay. >> and we know the whole process is fluid. and let's talk about tiger woods, big changes in his life and word is one of the
5:53 pm
mistresses wants to get back in his life. who is looking to extend their 15 minutes of fame? >> this is mistress number one, rachel ukatel, she started off the whole thing and has been talking to her friends saying i would love to be back with tiger, what we had is true love. i would do anything to get him back in my life. there is no chance in hell this relationship would last and she was the one to go and say i doll a press conference and air out your dirty laundry. i don't think that would happen. >> and thanks for the update. see you at 6:30 here on fox 5. >> first runner-up is. jamaica! which means mexico, you're miss universe. >> she was crowned mess universe and beating the first runner-up as you saw there and
5:54 pm
miss mexico wins a year supply of beauty products and clothing and gets a scholarship from the new york film academy for filmmaking or acting. congratulations to her. >> indeed,. and check in with brian and a look at the news edge at 6. hi, ladies, d.c. council members raising concern about the company providing security at city schools and government buildings, why all 39 agree that the public's safety is at risk. and mayor fenty trying to get as many polls as possible. the request he's now making to the board of elections as he's trying to fend off gray. and a new housing report renews worries about the health of the economy and comes as the house republican leader calls out the obama administration on its efforts. those stories and more at the top of the hour. see you at 6.
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses
5:57 pm
are back to normal... until we make this right. >> the first islamic college in the u.s. is open in california. the school is bringing in the
5:58 pm
first students as the debate over a mosque in new york is a hot topic around the country. >> and school supporters say that it shows why it needs to be a part of the landscape. >> reporter: he is one of 15 freshmen from throughout the country who make up the new student body. he's from denver and wants to stud wet packulatey and become a teacher himself. >> and this these are the most respected collar -- scholars in the world and it's important this college opens and that is a graduate opportunity to study. >> reporter: he's reading space not far from the campus. the tuition is $11,000 a year and the time is right because the community in the u.s. is growing and opening up opportunities. >> there is a growing need for highly-trained professionals that are grounded and have a understanding of the islamic
5:59 pm
tradition. at the same time, able to funk and relate to the contemporary issues. >> and as students prepare tomorrow, administrators say there is no controversy. over plans to play the mosque near grouping make a school all the more necessary. >> we need to be engaged in the conversation and dialogue, both the positive, neutral and negative. >> thanks for joining us tonight at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts right now. we're going begin in the district. city council is asking the mayor not to renew the contract of the security company in charge at d.c.'s schools and government buildings. in a letter signed by all 13


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